Pete pete at eatathome.com.au
Fri Feb 6 00:29:00 GMT 2004

We are Domino shop, we have MailScanner/postfix/sa filtering all inbound
mail. Very vanilla installation.

We have merged with a company who used Exchange. Tnhey are sending
messages from thier site, from exchange, over the net, into MailScanner
to us.

Suddenly we have started seeing messages from this company only that
have the attachments icon in the client, to indicate that there is an
attachment, but there is NO sign of an attachment.

All other messages from people with attachments come through with no
issue, or if they are noxious we get the inline spam warning as per
usual. We have NO rules, just basic/default filename/type/warnjing
settings in MS.conf.

The only messages with attachments to have the X_MS_has_attach "yes"
header are the ones from this new company, they have NO anti spam tools
at all. There is no entry in the logs for these messages to have had an
attachment modfied or anything.

Maybe there is a way to modify this header?, but what are the
implications of this? IS this header generated by mailscanner, why?

We are in a situation where the new company (controlling) wants to force
MS Exchange onto us in place of Lotus Domino, so incompabilities, that
seems to be our fault work against in a hieous way - please help me fend
off these marauding ms exchange loving heathens...for the love of Man,
the benefit of the world and all that we stand for - etc :)

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