Fix for bayes rebuild bug on Solaris

Julian Field mailscanner at
Wed Feb 4 21:57:52 GMT 2004

At 21:18 04/02/2004, you wrote:
>Mr. Field,
>Can you explain what you mean by your reply to the  reference to the

It's merely an indication that the message was autolearned by the Bayes
database as being ham or spam.

>"Someone wanted notification of when a message was auto-learned, so they got
>This is causing quite a problem here and I do not know where it's coming
>from or how to stop it.

Why is it a problem? I don't understand. It's just a little notification,
it wasn't intended to cause any problems for anyone.

>  Is this related anyway to MailWatch.


>  And I also
>haven't noticed any material to read.
>Please and thank you.
>Steve Campbell
>campbell at
>Charleston Newspapers

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