Easily Training Spam Assassin?

Matt Kettler mkettler at EVI-INC.COM
Wed Feb 4 16:46:41 GMT 2004

At 11:26 AM 2/4/2004, Admin Team wrote:
>I am trying to work out an ongoing method so that users with any user
>agent, whether it be Outlook, or Eudora can easily submit spam/ham to an
>account for proper classification. I am so overwhelmed by going through a
>mailbox with hundreds of email's and sorting through each message. There
>has to be an easier method and I was hoping someone could recommend that
>method to me?

The best recommendation I've heard is to have users forward their spam/ham
as an attachment with COMPLETE headers.

Then set up an account, ie: spam_training27 at evi-inc.com, and use procmail
or some other system to automatically strip off attachments to the address
and feed em to sa-learn.

However, this will only work if your users mailclient is capable of
forwarding as an attachment with complete headers... normal forwards with
inline text won't work.

I'd be VERY careful about training mail that has damaged headers.. SA
learns a lot from the headers..

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