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Julian Field mailscanner at ecs.soton.ac.uk
Tue Feb 3 13:33:24 GMT 2004

At 12:53 03/02/2004, you wrote:
>Julian Field wrote:
>>>Sophos has a replacement for their Enterprise Manager called
>>>Enterprise Library, and it now supports Linux (and other
>>>*nix and Novell) instead of just Windows clients.  How
>>>difficult would it be to have MailScanner update Sophos
>>>from a CID or a web CID?
>>>Or is it a bad idea to automaticaly upgrade the engine?
>>The only time I ever automatically upgraded the engine, it broke SAVI. I
>>had to rebuild the perl SAVI module to get it to work again.
>>So I'm a little wary of going down that path.
>I've been using EM Library to update the copy of Sophos I use on my
>Linux MailScanner testbed for some time now as I was trying out the beta
>version. It appears to run ok and has upgraded the engine at least once
>while I've been using it.
>I cobbled a perl script to use the same lock file as Julian's autoupdate
>prog while the update ran (or at least I think I did!) but it could
>probably do with more error checking.
>Basically there is a script in the EM distribution of Sophos for *ix
>which maintains a copy of the CID and if anything changes, it updates
>the cache and then runs Sophos' install.sh. The script reads some
>settings from a config file in /etc so you can "MailScanner-ise" the
>folders it uses and it appears to work ok but this is on a lightly
>loaded server. I'm contemplating setting it up on our 3 Solaris mail
>hubs but haven't had the bottle yet!
>Given Julian's comments about SAVI, maybe using EM in conjunction with
>SAVI isn't wise but if you're just using sweep then it might be of
>interest, if you're already running EM anyway. We seem to have had a
>couple of cases where the mail hubs didn't get their engine upgraded
>promptly enough and hence were unable to get the latest updates with
>Julian's script - I could do without that happening again...!
>Julian - have you looked at this stuff at all?? Would you be interested
>in looking at the scripts etc?

No, I haven't looked into it myself, I just do the upgrade by hand every 3
months. My experience with the SAVI perl problem was enough to put me off
doing this for a while. I guess I could automate the build and installation
of the perl module too.

Would be good to take a quick look at the scripts though.
Julian Field
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