2 MailScanners, 1 Bayes DataBase.

Carles Xavier Munyoz Baldó carles at UNLIMITEDMAIL.ORG
Tue Feb 3 13:11:08 GMT 2004

I must use two MailScanners for two differents Sendmails installed in the same 
computer (one for the MX server and the other used as RELAY SMTP for my 
internet users).

I would like that the two MailScanners use the same Bayes DataBase for the 
I will use the bayes_path configuration option in the spam.assassin.prefs.conf 
file to point to the same bayes database in the two MailScanner instances:
bayes_path                 /var/spool/spamassassin/bayes

Is there any problem in this ?
Any race condition ?

Any suggestion about this 2 MailScanners setup ?
May I install only one MailScanner and then run two MailScanner instances 
using a different MailScanner.conf file for each one (I need two MailScanner 
because each Sendmail uses its own email queue) ?
Which configuration parameters mut I take in account ?

Carles Xavier Munyoz Baldó
carles at unlimitedmail.org

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