4.26.7, bayes rebuild, confused. -- Urgent test please

Julian Field mailscanner at ecs.soton.ac.uk
Mon Feb 2 09:40:14 GMT 2004

Please could you try the attached SA.pm and see if it helps.

         - Set "Rebuild Bayes Every = 0" should disable all this code.
         - Locking code changed to more closely match the virus scanner
locking code.

The trouble is, it all works for me. But that's on a Linux system, and the
underlying locking behaviour may well be different on Solaris.

At 07:56 02/02/2004, you wrote:
>I have the same behaviour with the rebuild of bayes database and I get it
>every time MailScanner is launched.
>To avoid the "Skipping", I have to "manually" remove the lock file
>(for me it's not important since I do not use bayes !)
>In SA.pm, the lock file is created before the test on "$RebuildBayes"
>and the lock is removed only if the bayes database has been rebuild.
>If $RebuildBayes == 0, the lock will never be removed.
>if $RebuildBAYES <> 0, it seems that the rebuild on solaris don't finish
>or don't begin ???
>        I see the "Skipping" line in the logfile but I don't see any line
>        such as "SpamAssassin Bayes database rebuild preparing" even with
>        $RebuildBAYES <> 0
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