removal of "bounce" spam action in 4.26.7

Jay Berkenbilt ejb at QL.ORG
Sun Feb 1 04:44:33 GMT 2004

I see in the release announcement for 4.26.7 that the "bounce" spam
action has been removed.  I'm curious about this.  We use this feature
for spam that scores in the 5 to 10 range and send a bounce that
instructs the user to send mail to a special mailbox which is not
filtered.  This allows us to let false positives through.  We probably
get about 5 messages a week for a 50 person company, and most of the
messages are important.  This is enough to convince me that this is an
important feature.  I can only guess that it's been removed because
such a huge amount of spam has invalid addresses.  I know our mail
queue has 500 undeliverable spam bounces in it at any given time.
Still, I doubt I will succeed in convincing the powers that be at my
company that we can do without that feature.

Have I understood this item in the announcement correctly?  Is it true
that "bounce" is no longer a valid spam action?  If so, has something
replaced it to achieve similar functionality?  I suppose I could
always implement this my self by forwarding to an address that uses
procmail to send the bounce, but that would be a shame.

I apologize if I've missed an earlier discussion on this.

Jay Berkenbilt <ejb at>

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