OT: Deferred: local mailer (/usr/bin/procmail) exited with EX_TEMPFAIL

Derek Catanzaro derek at ADCATANZARO.COM
Fri Dec 10 18:58:17 GMT 2004

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Yes, it is over 2 GB.  I am going to clean it up and see if that helps.
This is a relay server so I really don't check mail on this server.  I
never set a quota for root, is 2 GB a standard limit for mail files?

Thanks for your response

Matthew Bowman wrote:

>Is the root mailbox over 2GB?
>Matthew K Bowman
>Systems Administrator
>Ken A <ka at PACIFIC.NET>
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>12/09/2004 03:56 PM
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>exited with EX_TEMPFAIL
>Is root over quota?
>Does procmail have permission to write to /var/mail/root ?
>Or, turn sendmail logging up to 14 to see more info.
>Derek Catanzaro wrote:
>>Fedora Core 1
>>Recently I have been receiving the following in the mailq "Deferred:
>>local mailer (/usr/bin/procmail) exited with EX_TEMPFAIL".  The email is
>>trying to be delivered locally to root.  I'm receiving anywhere from
>>300-500 of these on a daily basis and it seems to be effecting mail
>>routing as a whole if I don't go thru and delete the emails in the
>>queue.  Sendmail is my MTA.  Any suggestions I can get would be great.
>>Thanks for your time.

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