MailScanner: Stable 4.33.3 released

Julian Field mailscanner at
Tue Aug 31 10:07:43 IST 2004

Morning all,

I have just released the new stable release 4.33.3.
No major changes this month, just some tidying up and a few minor new
features and adjustments.

Note there is a new version of Archive::Zip included, so you should run the script and not just upgrade the MailScanner rpm itself.

Download as usual from

The full Changelog is here:

* New Features and Improvements *
- When converting an HTML message to plain text, HTML comments are removed.
- Now prints more realistic Perl version with -v, and includes Net::DNS.
- Custom Functions can now take parameters. These are passed to the Init
   and End functions corresponding to each Custom Function.
- Updated Czech translations.
- McAfee -autoupdate script improved to handle situation where McAfee upgrade
   was manually installed and previous installation was not removed first.
- Added all the MCP settings to the shipped MailScanner.conf file.
- Added support for the "Symantec Scan Engine" scanner.
- Non-RPM installer never opts for RPM install.
- Upgraded Archive::Zip to 1.13.
- Improved "MailScanner -v" output so it gives kernel and OS release
   information if it can find any. Also now logs version of MIME::Base64.
- Added setting to SpamAssassin so that Version 3.0 will use fast non-NFS
   file locking, as most MailScanner users don't access Bayes across NFS.
- Configuration compiler much more tolerant of errors and missing files.

* Fixes *
- AntiVir is now forced to run in English.
- RAR archives that cannot be handled by ClamAV's internal RAR unpacker are
   now handled properly.
- Couple of minor fixes to ZMailer support.
- Added a space in the Postmaster report to improve formatting.
- Fixed bug in spam score number formatting.
- Now set the charset in messages that are "notices to".
- Now catch the case where SpamAssassin fails to set the autolearn status.
Julian Field
MailScanner thanks transtec Computers for their support

PGP footprint: EE81 D763 3DB0 0BFD E1DC 7222 11F6 5947 1415 B654

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