No scores/reports in stored messages?

Kai Schaetzl maillists at CONACTIVE.COM
Mon Aug 30 22:32:00 IST 2004

Julian Field wrote on         Mon, 30 Aug 2004 11:46:24 +0100:

> This comes up every month :-)

Maybe because it's not in the documentation, MAQ etc.? I admit I haven't been 
following the list for quite a while since there was no need to do that, but 
I looked again thru all the documentation (*) I could find. I also knew that 
stored mail is not virus-scanned (and, actually, my name appears on the same 
page this is mentioned in the FAQ), but I didn't know that you don't touch 
the files "by principle". I've always used Mailwatch for checking scores in 
the past.

(*) (BTW: lists 
an option which either doesn't exist anymore or was introduced only in 4.33.1 
(I haven't installed that yet). It contains a typo, so I suspect it's a 
rather old option?). "Always Include SpamAssasin Report".)

> The archive/quarantines are completely untouched messages, they are in
> their original form. I intend to keep it that way, because if something
> happened to that MailScanner started screwing up messages that it had
> archived/quarantined and delivered, you wouldn't lose the originals. I work
> on the paranoid basis that MailScanner may screw your entire email system,
> and I want to keep away from anything that does any harm.

I understand the reason behind this, but it can create problems sometimes. 
F.i. if all spam is stored the messages which are released from quarantine 
will not have any spam reports in them, so the user can't determine why the 
message was found to be spam. Another problem, which I currently face, is you 
can't determine the exact spam report data at the time the message came in. I 
suspect that on my new MailScanner setup the figures shown in Mailwatch are 
sometimes not correct, so I wanted to check against the scores found in the 
stored mails - but there aren't any. And obviously rerunning the message thru 
SA is not the same.



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