MailScanner beta release 4.33.1

Raymond Dijkxhoorn raymond at PROLOCATION.NET
Sat Aug 28 15:25:24 IST 2004


> >I also mailed Julian offlist, i saw a large peak in CPU when i upgraded to
> >the last beta, moved back to last stabil now and all seems just fine.
> Anyone else seeing the same problem? If so, does SA 2.6x versus SA 3 make a
> difference?
> I have added the
>          lock_method flock
> line to the spam.assassin.prefs.conf which should speed up bayes locking in
> SA 3.
> Other than that, there really aren't any changes from the previous version
> in code that is executed a lot, so I can't see what's happening.

I also noticed that even when i have the MCP Checks = no i get log entry's

Aug 28 13:46:23 vmx03 MailScanner[26483]: MCP Checks: Starting
Aug 28 13:46:28 vmx03 MailScanner[26478]: MCP Checks: Starting

Is that ment to be ?


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