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David Cake dave at DIFFERENCE.COM.AU
Fri Aug 27 15:05:52 IST 2004

At 8:40 PM -0500 26/8/04, Lewis Bergman wrote:
>Nathan Bird said:
>>  Hi,
>>  Im hoping someone can help me. My sendmail delivers my incoming mail to my
>> directory, but it never leaves this directory. I had this
>problem recently. I was getting a core dump in the dir. I
>traced it back to multilevel zip errors that was causing an error with
>f-prot or clamav. After setting the zip level to 0 it starting
>processing again. I can't remember the exact variable name though.

        My problem with this same setup seemed to be the
permissions. Mine were
-rw-r-----  1 root smmsp
        What are yours?
        My temporary solution - a cron job that chowns the files.
        My long term solution - postfix.
        But if anyone can suggest a medium term solution, probably
involving some obscure sendmail security setting, that would be great

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