Mailscanner and server load

Raymond Dijkxhoorn raymond at PROLOCATION.NET
Thu Aug 26 09:41:57 IST 2004


> I have just implemented SURBL. Server load shot up and stays around 30
> making websites unaccessable. I have now edited SURBL to only check on
> SPAMCOP_URI_RBL. I have disabled the other 3. Now my load averages around
> 12. This is still quite high.
> BTW, after some monitoring using "top", I notice that my system is quite
> RAM intensive. But "top" can't tell for sure. What other tools can I use to
> see whether the highload is due to lots of disk accesses (due to not having
> enough RAM).

This question would be more in its place on the SURBL mailinglists i
think. But, do you have local caching servers for the DNS zones ? And,
whats the mailvolume and machine specs you are using ?


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