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At 23:48 23/08/2004, you wrote:
>I have a couple of questions I want to throw out for the sake of discussion.
>I have Sophos v3.80. Has anyone heard of them cutting off virus definitions
>like symantec and mcafee have been known to do if you don't renew a

They only ever produce updates for the current version and the previous 2
or 3 versions, intentionally. They release a new version every month,
so  once every 2 - 3 months you have to upgrade the main Sophos package
itself. If you are a licensed customer of theirs, you should have a
username and password for their website, from where you can always download
the latest versions.

>  Im worried that mailscanner will try to run the update script,
>won't get the updates, and I would never ever know until I'm swamped with
>viruses. It seems that the mailscanner install faq's lean towards using
>sophos. Any reason why its preferred?

It is the main scanner I have always used myself, partly due to us having a
site licence for it. It was the first virus scanner supported by
MailScanner, back in version 1 days.

>  and how important is it really to
>update mailscanner itself?

Read the Changelog and the new version announcements (subscribe to the
mailscanner-announce list if you aren't already). See if any of the
bugfixes apply to your situation, and whether you would find any of the new
features useful.

>wheres my version of mailscanner listed anyway?

MailScanner -v

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