How do i prevent alerts being delivered to specific addresses?

James Gray james_gray at OCS.COM
Mon Aug 23 01:41:04 IST 2004

David J. Duffner - wrote:
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>>Subject: How do i prevent alerts being delivered to specific addresses?
>>SO, my question to this group is how (the hell) do I tell
>>MailScanner to
>>silently drop virus/spam/bad attachments addressed to the
>>ticket system?
>>No alerts, no warnings, no modifying the message, just drop it.
>>I've put a few rules in place but obviously these aren't working as
>>expected.  Can someone give me the MailScanner.conf settings I need to
>>put into a rule set??
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>         What about whitelisting the address in question that
> accepts the mail, but only use From: instead of FromOrTo: so that
> anything inbound is handled normally, but anything that account
> sends out is essentially ignored and not processed?  This would
> be in the allow_hosts file.  We use the same method on a few of
> our in-house accounts to prevent similar issues and additional
> load times on MailScanner processing stuff that really doesn't
> matter if it's caught/tagged, etc.
>         Just a thought!
>       David J. Duffner
>       VP Operations
>       NWC Corporation

Thanks for the suggestion David.  The problem is we want to protect this
account from spam/viruses/etc but don't want to know when MailScanner
traps something (the Postmaster is notified of all viruses and blocked
content anyway, and spam is logged, so we have an audit trail "just in
case").  I've set up a couple of rules for spam actions, delivery of
cleaned/disinfected messages etc, to simple delete/no etc, (whatever is
relevant for the rule set).  But MailScanner still sends an alert for
viruses and blocked content to the original recipient.

The sequence seems to be (incoming mail addressed to foo at

Mail -> MailScanner -> MailScanner sends alert to foo at to let
              |         them know it deleted/quarantined a virus etc.
          Rule says delete
          virused mail or
          blocked content
          to this recipient.

What I *want* to happen is (incoming mail addressed to foo at

Mail -> MailScanner -> Rule says DON'T *this* notify recipient.
          Rule says drop
          this type of message:
          (as above)

This way our trouble ticket system doesn't generate a couple of dozen
bogus cases a day with warnings about quarantined/deleted content :)

For the moment we run a daily SQL script to dump all the cases
"generated" by MailScanner notifications, but I'd really like to stop it
at the cause, not clean up the effect.


I.T. Manager - Asia Region
Open Channel Solutions
Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

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