eTRUST and update reporting

Hendrik den Hartog hden at KCBBS.GEN.NZ
Fri Aug 20 21:13:44 IST 2004


 Thanks for the earlier replies regarding eTrust. After altering
 virus.scanners.conf, pointing it to the etrust folder sorted the
 problem and had MailScanner 'find' and begin to use eTrust.

 I now have just one more query, although I suspect this
 isn't an issue,

 I'm running both Sophos and eTrsut. At update,
 sophos reports..

 update.virus.scanners: Found sophos installed
 update.virus.scanners: Running autoupdate for sophos
 Sophos-autoupdate[8219]: Sophos successfully updated [SNIP]

 Where as eTrust reports...

 update.virus.scanners: Running autoupdate for etrust
 eTrust-autoupdate[8132]: eTrust did not need updating

 But, the eTrust log do show a successfull dowmload?

 Just checking to see if I need another config tweak
 somewhere? although I'm happy to live with this as it
 doesn't seem to be affecting performance.


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