Scan options for clamscan or other AV

Julian Field mailscanner at
Thu Aug 19 21:50:05 IST 2004

At 21:21 19/08/2004, you wrote:
>Did have to edit virus.scanners.conf to get clamav to work
>had to add bin /usr/local/bin

That's fine, that's a config file :-)

>Still having problems getting vexira to work.  Works from the command line
>but /var/log/maillog dosen't detect any eicar virus.

What does

cd /tmp
/usr/lib/MailScanner/vexira-wrapper /usr/lib/Vexira --allfiles -s -z
-noboot -nombr -r1 -rs -lang=EN --alltypes .

produce? (don't forget the "." on the end)

Any errors? If not, what version of Vexira are you using?
Please can you send me the output of the above command. Might help if you
put a copy of in a subdirectory of /tmp so that it has something
to find.
Julian Field
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