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Thu Aug 19 09:58:25 IST 2004

At 09:47 19/08/2004, you wrote:
>As an aside to this, can I ask why the virus scanner options are all
>bundled together in I sometimes use the sophos-wrapper
>as a way of checking whether recent updates detect things that got
>missed before the update was released (if that makes sense!) However, I
>realised the other day that by default, sophos-wrapper doesn't check in
>zip files for example, whereas when it's called by SweepViruses it's
>given the options to open archives.
>It's not a big deal - just wondered whether keeping all the a-v specific
>stuff in a file specific to that a-v might make more sense that having
>it spread about?

It is a little more complicated than that. In order to support
disinfection, you have to have 3 lists of options for each scanner:
1) Those that are for scanning only
2) Those that are for disinfection only
3) Those that are common to both uses

so you can't just have 1 list in the -wrapper.
Julian Field
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