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On Tue, 17 Aug 2004 10:05:27 -0700, you wrote:

>> I have had such a problem after blocking dynamic addresses in Brazil.
>> Everything was perfect untill one person happened to be there for a
>> while and needed to just send e-mail. And because his IP addresses where
>> dynamic I had to unblock the whole range.
>According to the SPF proponents the solution to this problem is to configure your
>roaming users to send e-mail through your own servers using SMTP AUTH with
>STARTTLS.  The only problem, if you have lots of roaming users, is to educate them
>that this is necessary.  It's easy enough for me to say, because I only have 25 users!

There is another problem with users roaming onto a network where there
is no outbound SMTP allowed. Webmail could be a solution but people just
wanting to sent e-mail don't want to spend the sime to go through all
the pages of a webmail server. And when they use cellphones they will
get a big bill because of the time and/or amount of data.

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