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On Mon, 16 Aug 2004 16:04:28 +0100, you wrote:

>It goes on (section "Phased Rollout") to say:
>   A domain might move through these phases by changing its default
>   response type from "neutral" to "softfail" to "fail".
>   [...]
>   When a sufficient majority of its users are SPF-conformant, a domain
>   SHOULD change its default to "fail".   [...]
>Hope that helps.

Helps me to don't use SPF. What is a "sufficient majority" of my users.
People will argue that 90% of our students is a sufficient majority. For
staff people argue that 95% is sufficient. But I have to be sure that
within those 95% all master teachers are included. When I happen to
"discredit" one of those by claiming the IP address from which he sends
e-mail isn't allowed to send e-mail containing our domain I will be in

I have had such a problem after blocking dynamic addresses in Brazil.
Everything was perfect untill one person happened to be there for a
while and needed to just send e-mail. And because his IP addresses where
dynamic I had to unblock the whole range.

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