Wrong language in report mails

Daniel Wolpert daniel_wolpert at WEB.DE
Mon Aug 16 12:59:22 IST 2004


>Feel free to translate the ones that aren't in German...

thats not the problem. The problem is follow:

reports in versions smaller than 4.32.5-1 are in german language (and some
in english who not translate). But in version 4.32.5-1 the reports who are
in german comes in english - THAT IS THE PROBLEM.

Show this report mail:

From: "MailScanner" <xxxxx>
To: xxxxx
Subject: noticevirusinfected


    Sender: xxxxx
IP Address: xxxxx
 Recipient: xxxxx
   Subject: xxxxx
 MessageID: xxxxx
   Achtung: your_details.pif contains Worm.SomeFool.Gen-1

Die vollständigen Kopfzeilen sind:


Email Virus Scanner

As you can see, the body of the mail is german, the subject is not in german
(i think its a canocical word for MailScanner).

In the MailScanner.conf is nothing change, i only update the MailScanner to
Version 4.32.5-1.

Thanks for help,

Daniel Wolpert

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