ETRN support in MailScanner required

Garry Glendown garry at GLENDOWN.DE
Sun Aug 15 08:11:55 IST 2004

> I've read the list archives on this and it was
> mentioned in there that enabling this in MailScanner
> means that clients could receive unscanned virus and
> spam emails, bypassing MailScanner altogether.
> Is this true?

Most likely yes - as Mailscanner uses different mqueue directories (one
incoming, one outgoing), and the daemon receiving the email is using the
incoming directory, asking it to deliver available mail will cause it to
scan the incoming queue will deliver ONLY unscanned mail, as it doesn't
have access to the scanned mails ... if you need ETRN delivery, you will
most likely need to set up a second mailserver w/o scanner ...


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