Spamassassin 2.64 + SpamcopURI

James Gray james_gray at OCS.COM
Thu Aug 12 22:41:36 IST 2004

Just a heads up, if you upgrade to SpamAssassin 2.64 AND are running the
SpamcopURI plugin, make sure you upgrade to SpamcopURI 0.22 *BEFORE* you
restart MailScanner/SpamAssassin.

Guess who upgraded SpamAssassin last night and went home?....then the
phone started ringing.  No mail being delivered.  Seems there's some
sort of compile error with SA 2.64 and older versions of SpamcopURI
which prevented MailScanner from starting.

So before anyone else shoots them self in the foot, I thought I'd share
my stupidity with others.  Now excuse me while I self-LART for a while.



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