Problem with sendmail and spamhaus

Alex Neuman alex at NKPANAMA.COM
Thu Aug 12 18:30:19 IST 2004

Use AUTH. Works like a charm.

Look for "enabling SMTP AUTH" on Google.

> Hi,
> I added the line below to my and then regenerated the
> file.
> FEATURE(`dnsbl', `', `"550 5.7.1 ACCESS DENIED to
> <"$&f"> thru "$&{client_name}" by The Spamhaus SBL+XBL DNSBL ; Please
> visit
> for more information."')dnl
> It's working fine by stopping spams from spamhaus list before mails could
> even reach mailscanner and thus freeing my server load. I love this
> feature
> a lot as we are getting tons of spams daily.
> But the problem is, some of my users also are unable to send their emails
> using SMTP server as their "dynamic" IP is banned because some of the ips
> are listed in spamhaus. They keep getting the error above. How can I
> rectify this? Is there a command for me to add to allow user based on
> their
> IP address or email address?
> Perhaps I could allow IP address of certain range (within my ISP) to go
> through this? After all, once the mails pass through this barrier, there
> are also Mailscanner to take care of the spams.
> Thanks in advance.
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