John Hinton webmaster at EW3D.COM
Wed Aug 11 03:11:51 IST 2004

Mark Nienberg wrote:

>On 10 Aug 2004 at 13:52, Alex Neuman wrote:
>>1. Sendmail gets message, checks SPF. If SPF records say mail came
>>from unauthorized server, drop the connection.
>Sendmail doesn't just drop the conection, it returns an explanantion to the sender,
>similar to the way it returns a "user unknown" or other error message.
It depends... Actually, if the from address does not match the SPF
record, it is best to not send out a notice and to just drop the
connection. Otherwise, you are just spamming the system the email didn't
come from in the first place. One big reason for the implementation of SPF.

In the beginning phases, it would be best to send these returns so
people can complain to their service providers. But that will likely be
over with by about the first of the year (Hopefully!!!).

John Hinton

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