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At 18:56 10/08/2004, you wrote:
>I guess that's where I'm getting confused. On the install of
>MailScanner, it said to stop sendmail and run MailScanner which then
>seems to start sendmail as needed. So the order seemed backwards to me.
>It would be nice to get a step by step of just what happens as an email
>first hits a system to the point of its delivery into the user's
>mailbox. I've never had a really clear picture of this series of events,
>and it is pretty complex with procmail, access, AV, SA and so on called
>during the transport. The hardest part for me, would be the RBLs run
>with MailScanner. Does MS immediately call sendmail and then run the RBL
>checks after email passes any other rules set through sendmail?

Take a look through the most recent presentation that is on the MailScanner
web site. There is a nice diagram (thanks Steve!) which shows the break-up
quite well.
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