High Score bounce in mailscanner-4.30.3-2

Thu Aug 5 23:22:53 IST 2004

Kevin Miller scribbled on Thursday, August 05, 2004 3:18 PM:

> Idan Plotnik wrote:
>> I told you, because this is the customer organization policy.
>> BTW, I made an upgrade to MailScanner 4-32-5.1 and I can't configure
>> this feather either :( Please help me if you can.
> Idan,
> It sounds like it's more of a customer education policy than
> a technical
> issue.  Perhaps someone here knows of a good, simple
> explanation on the web
> somewhere that Idan could share with his customers?  It's
> easy for us to
> realize why it's a bad policy to bounce spam, especially high scoring
> spam, but business people tend to be a bit more cautious and don't
> really understand the many good reasons for deleting it.
> One alternative you might offer them is to forward it to an account
> they can read, and then manually deal with.  After browsing through
> several thousand
> messages I'm sure they'll realize that dropping them is a *really*
> good idea!
> By the way, "feather" is what's on a bird - you mean "feature".
> La'heetroat...
> ...Kevin

He could try this.

From: http://www.aota.net/Email_Spam_Prevention_and_Mgmt/receivedspam.php4

It is NOT recommended to reply to spam, or to request to be removed from the
sender's list, unless you believe the mailing has been sent by a reputable
list manager. It is believed that in many cases, requesting to be "removed"
from a spam mailing only confirms a valid email address to the spammers and
may result in your receiving even more unwanted email.

Likewise, it is not recommended to bounce spam back to the sender. Sending
bounce notices has been observed to be ineffective in having spammers remove
your email address from their list. Most spammers do not use a real email
address for the sender of the email, and oftentimes forge the email address
of an arbitrary third party. Since the bounce messages would most likely not
be sent back to the spammer, and may be sent to an innocent third party, it
is better not to send any bounce notice.


Ken Goods
Network Administrator
MIS Dept.
AIA Insurance, Inc.

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