Strange behavior since update to latest version... Failed to

Mariano Absatz at GMAIL.COM
Thu Aug 5 15:20:10 IST 2004

On Thu, 5 Aug 2004 09:02:32 +0200, Petry Roman, ITS-IT
<roman.petry at> wrote:
> Hi, here is Roman again...
> As i said, i changed the locking type to posix in Mailscanner.conf and now
> everything is O.K... No error again since yesterday morning.. 40000 mails
> passed without a problem..
> Thanks to the List for help. 8-).. The strange thing is , that the old
> version did not have the same problems with flock.. 8-)).. Biut who cares..
Well David just said that Sendmail changed its default locking method
in the last upgrade, so that's the cause... he changed the default and
recompiled Sendmail, you changed the setting in MailScanner, both are
running fine :-)

FWIW, I think changing a setting in MailScanner.conf is a better
alternative (at least, a cheaper one) than recompiling Sendmail...
maybe this should be added to the maq or faq, since, as people start
upgrading Sendmail, I guess this problem will be frequent.


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