AW: Error with RAR-Files

Marcel Blenkers marcel at IRC-ADDICTS.DE
Thu Aug 5 14:59:28 IST 2004

Hi there,

> Can you send me the URL please? I have hunted around an auto-translated
> version of the site and cannot find the test messages.
> --

and of course a can do that :)

first the Link where you could choose what kind of virus you want to

Now, if you want to receive an email containing the eicar-test-file within
a rar-file, please check this link:

just take a look at the bottom of the page..there is a field, in which you
enter your mail-adress to get this virus-mail.

Then you will receive a mail, containing a long link, just to confirm that
you really want this mail.

You click on this one, and woah..there is your virus-mail :)



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