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Kevin Miller Kevin_Miller at CI.JUNEAU.AK.US
Wed Aug 4 19:40:53 IST 2004

Diego Fabara wrote:
> My mailserver is a gateway.
> I need to send mass mailing once per week (outbound mail) > 300
> recipients. But I need to permit this only a few users not all.
> And I need to control this

Yeah, what the others said; a mail list program (sorta like this mail list
that we're all using!)

> Howto this ?? With a ruleset ??
> Give an example...
> If the limit is 5 MB for message and I send 10 attachments 0f 2MB and
> .. what happen ? Please explainme this.

You will swamp your mail server for one, and the messages won't go anywhere.
When you send a message with an attachment, the attachment is encoded to
MIME format which adds about 25% overhead to the size, so a 10 MB message
will expand to a 12.5 MB message and will bounce.  Not what you want.  It it
was me, I'd put up an ftp server and send a URL out to everybody and let
them download the files themselves rather than making your mail server do
wind sprints...

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