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Leonardo Helman mailscanner at
Mon Aug 2 19:59:27 IST 2004

Hi, I've sent the ConfFile patch, but I couldn't finish
this patch on time.

Long ago, I have been thinking about having CustomFunctions
whith parameters, so you could have some kind of
configuration in MailScanner.conf
Having the configuration outside the custom functions would
be a good idea.

So I wrote this little patch ("only" touched

With it, you can write something like:

  Spam Checks=&Function_X("param1","path_to_conf.conf")

All the parameters will be passed only one time to the
"InitFunction_X" and "EndFunction_X", so it will be
relatively inexpensive in cpu usage.
Function_X will be called as usual.
If you use &Function_X without params, it will behave


Leonardo Helman
Pert Consultores

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