Some error, which results in two times receiving of mails

Marcel Blenkers marcel at IRC-ADDICTS.DE
Mon Aug 2 11:18:44 IST 2004

Hi there,

> |
> |>Hi there,
> |>
> |>currently i am experiencing some trouble with my mails.
> |>
> |>As the Mails got scanned, some mails generate an error.
> |>
> |>The error look like this:
> |>
> |>Jul 30 17:47:08 marcel MailScanner[953]: Failed to link message body
> |>between queues (/var/spool/mqueue/dfi6UFkoRC003363 -->
> /var/spool/
> |>
> |>Then the recipient get this mail twice.
> |>
> |>Any idea how to handle this?
> |>
> |>Till now i have not seen any kind of problems within these mails, as all
> |>mails are different sizes or content.
> |>
> |>Would be great, if anyone could help me.
> |
> Have you, per chance, upgraded to sendmail 8.13.0 and not compiled with
> - -d

Sorry, never updated to this Version.
I am still using this one:

Sendmail version 8.12.6, config V10/Berkeley

and i guess, if it would not use flock, it would never work. Or am i wrong
with that?

But it works let´s say about 95% for all incoming mails.
Only sometimes it just does this strange misbehaviour :(

i even tried a file-system check..which said, there are no problems with
my discs :(

any kind of help would be great

Thanks in advance


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