How to stop sending the bounced email to the sender?

Magda Hewryk mhewryk at SYMCOR.COM
Fri Oct 31 18:10:41 GMT 2003

We are getting hundreds of emails in the mqueue on our gateway.  Those
emails are from MAILER-DAEMON from our server to the 'fake' addresses.

What I don't want to happen is for each bounced email to return to the

I've set Spam Action under MS to 'deliver' only and took off the bounced
option at the initial MS setup.  However we (postmaster) still getting
hundreds of bounced and undelivered emails.
How to stop it?  I believe I need to tune up and to change Sendmail options
in file, not MailScanenr.conf file?

Any hints what should I fix to stop sending back the bounced emails to the


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