MailScanner memory spikes

Hirsh, Joshua joshua.hirsh at PARTNERSOLUTIONS.CA
Wed Oct 29 22:51:57 GMT 2003

Hi Edward,

 The grandchildren are normal. When MS runs the virus scanner checks, SA
checks, file checks (pretty much any external input I think), it'll fork off
a process to run the command. This allows it to keep track if the grandchild
has been running longer than the set timeout. Nothing to worry about.

 If it turns out that one of these grandkids is the memory hog, it could be
that the problem is actually with your virus scanner or SA.

 Do you happen to have any system accounting enabled on the server to
monitor CPU/Memory usages throughout the day? In Linux, this package is
generally called sysstat.

 So you say this happens every 12 or 13 hours.. Does anything match up in
your mail logs? IE: really big attachments, email from/to the same person,


Joshua Hirsh
Systems Administration
Partner Solutions/ING Canada
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