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Peter Russell prussell at MTELIZA.COM.AU
Wed Oct 29 03:37:10 GMT 2003

I cant work out how i can tell if postfix is blocking it or mailscanner? I 
assume postix, because i have added this line to the whitelist already
From:           10.1.           yes according to the existing format?

postfix/main.cf has this network entry
mynetworks =,


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Thanks avain Kevin. I am already using the postfix snapshot. 

Still looking for mailstats - but its not urgent. 

Could some one please tell me what i need to do to mailscanner to tell it 
to allow inbound email from my private IP address? I have modified our 
private DNS MX for our domain to point to the IP of the mailscanner (also 
on private subnet), then i use another linux machine to fire off email, 
but always gets rejected, because it comes from a private subnet - where 
do i tell mailscanner to allow email from this private ip? 

[Ugo Bellavance] 
Is it blocked by postfix or mailscanner?

If it is mailscanner, just go to 
/etc/MailScanner/rules/spam.whitelist.rules, and insert your ip address, 
following the format.

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