Testing MailScanner

Peter Russell prussell at MTELIZA.COM.AU
Tue Oct 28 23:11:32 GMT 2003

Hi there, i am new to MailScanner.

I have it installed on red Hat with postfix, spam assassin and clamav.
Because i am not physically located where the DMS subbnet, firewall,
existing MTAs are, i need to conduct some testing on this private subnet -
test whether inbound mail is accepted for delivery, and then routed to
approriate MTAs (we have 2 domains).

I realises that i may have some problems with my private IP not being able
to be looked up, and i wont have an MX record to forward mail to a
permitted domain on the mailscanner machine.

Is it possible to set up another mahcine with a fake DNS, that will have
an entry for my private subnet, and a fake MX record for my mail domains
so i can forward all the spam, and some of the 'good' email to tets
mailscanner BEFORE i attempt to implement in production.

I cannot test (nor do i think it wise) in production, as this will attract
poor feedback from bosses, and users.

How does everyone else test?

Also, is it possible to reset the stats in mailscanner-mrtg ? Aside from
product and the script on the mailscanner site, is there any other pre
made stats collectors?

Kind regards and thanks
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