MailScanner & Solaris (Sparc)

Randy Fishel randyf at SIBERNET.COM
Tue Oct 28 02:23:32 GMT 2003

  I am running MS on 3 different Solaris servers, one being an _ancient_
SparcStation 5 (though it doesn't get a tremendous load, it does alright).

  So what are the particulars about the box (# processors, RAM, disk, OS
version, system type, etc.)?  What kinds of overloads do you see?


On Mon, 27 Oct 2003, Ignacio M. Sbampato wrote:

> Friends,
> i just realize that MailScanner is capable of running over a Solaris server
> (with a Sparc processor). Does anybody have some expertise about that? My
> main question is about the performance of the server and the load that
> MailScanner will add over this kind of equipment and what we'll have to
> upgrade in order of having MS working fine over a Solaris box.
> Thanks a lot of your help.
> Best regards,
> Ignacio

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