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Mon Oct 27 21:47:44 GMT 2003

At 21:29 27/10/2003, you wrote:
>Ignacio M. Sbampato wrote:
>>My question is about the requirements of a PC running MailScanner + 1(one)
>>antivirus engine, if:
>>* We're using it over Sendmail.
>>* The server process 100,000 email messages per hour
>>* Every attachment has an average size of 150 KB (a lot of ADSL users)
>>* It's running over Red Hat 9, without any other important processes.

2.4 million messages per day with that large an average message size will
require several PC's to do it.
An average of 150Kb is large, I had an average of about 18kb when testing
with our mail traffic.
You'll have to spend some time tuning sendmail as well, you may find Exim
faster as you'll need several dedicated boxes to do this traffic anyway.
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