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>Personally I've never had a problem using the razor-agents-sdk
>to supply
>all the prerequisites.  Did you try that, or are there modules still
>missing that you need?

I got both razor-agents and razor-agents-sdk from their web site.  Unpacked
them both, then ran the drill on the sdk pack first per the instructions.
That complained about missing Test::More and Test::Harness.  Pulled down the
Test::Harness tarball from cpan, and installed Test-Simple (which included
Test::More) via YaST.

Redid 'perl Makefile.PL', then did 'make', 'make test' which then ran w/o
errors.  Ran 'make install', then started on the razor-agents side.  It
complained with the errors in in my previous message.  Googling around a
bit, it seems that Digest::MD5 is installed twice; the original at 2.16, the
other 2.20 which the Razor SDK package installed.  Reminds me of the old DLL
version mismatch we used to get in Windows 3.11!

Now, I'm not very versed in perl, but I'd have expected the script to detect
the presence of Digest::MD5, et. al., and either update them, or skip
installing the newer version.  Or ask.  This is screwy.

I went into YaST to undelete the SuSE version (2.16) and it says I have a
bunch of dependencies which will break if I uninstall it.  Groan.  So OK,
I'm happy to uninstall version 2.20.  Haven't a clue how but I'm willing!

Thing is, the SDK also installs or tries to install the following:


Not sure if I'm gonna have trouble w/some or all of them as well.  Odd thing
is, Test-Simple-0.44 wasn't installed, and the SDK install routine didn't
bother to install it - it complained that Test::More (a module in
Test-Simple) wasn't installed.  So why didn't it just go ahead and install
Test-Simple since it had a nice fresh version right there at it's
fingertips?  I had to do that from YaST and it was an earlier version
(.40-57).  I just don't get it; it installs what it doesn't need, and skips
what it does.

But it's quittin' time today so I'll take up the quest again in the morning.
Any "perls" of wisdom appreciated...

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