perfomance troubles

Rainer Anschober arm at SPAR.AT
Thu Oct 23 23:05:25 IST 2003

Hello list,

i have many troubles with the performance of my mail gateway. I use
postfix 2.0.12, MailScanner 4.22-5, Spamassassin 2.55 and TrendMicro
MailScanner will need a lot of time for checking the mails. When i
disable the spam check ( Spam Checks = no ), then the mails go very fast
through the gateway. But than, i there isn't any spam filter active.
Virus scanning isn't the bottleneck.
In the standard configuration followin parameter is active:
Spam List = ORDB-RBL Infinite-Monkeys

Is this correct, that this means, that the MailScanner checks every Mail
against the public blacklist server? this can take many times!?!
But when i deactivate the parameter ( Spam List = no ), the speed
doesn't increase.

Where can i deactivate the external spam list?
What must i consider too in order to increase the speed of the system?

mfg Rainer

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