Sun/Cobalt Qube3 installation

Aaron Bahmer abahmer at EWC.WY.EDU
Thu Oct 23 18:07:33 IST 2003

Hello - I'm new to MailScanner and only *barely* familiar with Linux
(my apologies).

I am trying to install MS v 4.24.5 on a Cobalt Qube3.

In running ./, I receive the following responses (snipped):

> Good, you appear to only have 1 copy of Perl installed.
> I think you are running Perl 5.00503.
> You appear to have pod2man but not pod2text.
> Creating pod2text for you.
> Your copy of the Perl module ExtUtils::MakeMaker is out of date.
> Please install a new one. You can do this very easily with the
> command:
>        ./

BTW, pod2text does exist in /usr/bin and carries the same file date
as pod2html, pod2latex, and perl (which is Aug 7, 2000)

So... I try to run ./ as indicated, which outputs:

> Can't locate object method "rel2abs" via package "File::Spec" at
> Makefile.PL line 55.
> BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at Makefile.PL line 57.
> make: *** No targets specified and no makefile found.  Stop.
> make: *** No rule to make target `install'.  Stop.
> Done. Please now run ./ again.

Which doesn't look good at all. If I run ./ again, I get
the same message as above... loopsville.

Any suggestions?? Thanks!

Aaron Bahmer
Instructional Technologist/Web Page Specialist
Eastern Wyoming College
(307) 532-8284
1-800-658-3195 x8284

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