Integrating MailScanner, SpamAssasin and Exchange

Ugo Bellavance ugob at CAMO-ROUTE.COM
Wed Oct 22 16:15:04 IST 2003

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> Objet : Re: Integrating MailScanner, SpamAssasin and Exchange
> The reason I have my MX records operating in that manner is 
> if our Linux box
> has a hardware failure, we can simply open up the Prmary MX 
> in the firewall
> thus having untinerrupted email service. 

What I do for that is have my mailscanner behind a firewall, which forwards port 25 to it, then mailscanner sends mail to my Exchange server.  If I have trouble with my exchange, mailscanner keeps the messages for a while and if I have problems with my mailscanner machine, I just change the destination address for the port 25 forward on the firewall.

>My Linux mailserver 
> did suffer a
> major hardware failure last week (which sucked). However, I 
> was able to
> quickly restore email service without any extraordinary 
> measures until I
> could get the machine replaced.
> Curiously, I have followed at least a dozen posts on this 
> subject since I
> last replied. I have a question regarding the original 
> integration issue
> which was posed. Are you specifically wanting all the spam control in
> Outlook using filters based on the SpamAssassin score? If 
> not, you should
> really look into . TMDA offers built-in integration with
> SpamCop. Besides, you could still use all of the power of 
> SpamAssassin to
> mark what is most likely spam. TMDA is open-source and 
> written in Python
> (even though I am Perl man myself :) ) and is free! TMDA will 
> virtually
> block 100% of unwanted spam and take the burden off of the 
> admin. Anyway,
> it's not my product, and I didn't help write. But it works 
> really well. I
> tested it for 2 months as a trial and received no spam whatsoever.
> I know this is the MailScanner list, and I am a proud user of 
> Mailscanner on
> every single Linux mailserver I operate (3 btw). However, I 
> just wanted to
> pass along a really great open-source solution to help the 
> fight against
> spam. Maybe I won't get flamed for this. :)
> Walt Wyndroski
No prob... we're spam-hunters, after all :)


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