Integrating MailScanner, SpamAssasin and Exchange

Hirsh, Joshua joshua.hirsh at PARTNERSOLUTIONS.CA
Wed Oct 22 13:16:26 IST 2003

> Anway, I have my Linux box set as secondary MX and my
> Exchange server as
> primary MX. Both are behind the firewall. I have primary MX
> inaccessible to
> Internet, that way all mail falls to the secondary MX.

 IMHO, this is probably not a very good way to go about doing this. In the
majority of cases, each email that's sent to one of your users will first
try to reach the unreachable primary MX and then fail to the secondary. The
best way this should be done is to leave the Linux box as your primary (and
in this case, only) MX. On the Linux box you would have your domains set to
relay, and use transport maps to redirect them to your Internal server.

 On the whole MS/SA/Exchange subject, we make use of the Outlook client
rules to let the users decide what they want to do with low scoring spam. In
newer versions of Outlook (2000+, possibly 98 too) you can easily setup
rules to match on the X-MailScanner-SpamScore header, and based on the score
do whatever the user wants. In Outlook 97 you need to install a plug-in to
get the enhanced rules filtering (which has been known to cause problems in
some cases).

 Other than explaining to each user how to setup the rule properly, this is
probably the easiest solution and won't involve alot of admin time to read
through each spam in a public folder and forward it on. I don't know about
everyone else, but I'd rather not spend my day reading other peoples spam ;)

 John's suggestion is good too, but would probably also be a bit time
consuming to setup.


Joshua Hirsh
Systems Administration
Partner Solutions/ING Canada
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