OT Routing problem MS sendmail and exchange

S Mohan smohan at vsnl.com
Wed Oct 22 01:35:02 IST 2003

Sendmail has a declarative called LUSR_RELAY. If turned on, it will deliver
unknown user mails in the current domain out by resolving DNS MX. This works
well in a Head Off-Branch office situation where branch office has the same
domain as head office but not the complete user list. External mails resolve
MX to head office and head office forwards mails for users as per
virtusertable. In the branch, mail sent is delivered locally for local users
and for unknown users is delivered to resolved MX which is head office. If
user is not present in that system, then mail is bounced.

Trust this is what you are looking for. HTH


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I have been looking everywhere fo a solution to this.

Using Malscanner a mailgateway (lowest MX)

In the DMZ i have a sendmail sever my users connetct to for POP/IMAP/SMTP

I now have a new Exchange server and new users on this one and migrating old
slowly from the sendmail to the exchange.

MS smtpGW scans all mail comming in an the sends all mail to the new
Exchange server.
All email the exchange server cant resolve it sends to the old sendmail
server (even @domain.com addresses)
But the sendmail will only deliver @domain.com if there exist a local user.

I need to figure out how to make sendmail deliver local addresses and those
@domain.com adresses it doesnt have localy sould be sent to the exchange

How to solve when a local domain (@domain.com) address has been moved???

I could maintain the aliasses file on the old server but that is way too
much administration.

Also can I make the Mailscanner Mailgateway relay mail to my internal
mailservers on a trial error basis?
Incomming mail to @domain.com first try internalmailserver1.domain.com
if NDR (non delivery reply) then try internalmailserver2.domain.com

Sorry if im unclear or messy in my description.
Thanks for any help in advance.

Bets regards
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