Using MailScanner with Postfix

Hirsh, Joshua joshua.hirsh at PARTNERSOLUTIONS.CA
Tue Oct 14 14:35:39 IST 2003

Is this the same bug that causes duplicate recipients in the email reports


 Recipient: user1 at, user1 at
   Subject: great porn!
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From: Chris Trudeau [mailto:chris at TRUDEAU.ORG]
Sent: Tuesday, October 14, 2003 9:36 AM
Subject: Re: Using MailScanner with Postfix

Postfix runs fine for me...strong and I find it easy to
configure/ performs with no problems for me.

One small annoying little the way that it writes its queue files
the SQL logging functions in MailScanner pickup redundant email addresses in
the to_address field of the logging.

Steve is working on this, but it remains...and causes my SQL queries to be a
little ugly.


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