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Fri Oct 17 18:31:00 IST 2003

Hello ,

Didn't know if I should post this here or on Spamassassin's list.

I have Razor installed, but I'm not certain I want to use it, yet.  Im
afraid my mailserver might not currently be configured optimally to
handled the possible increased overhead.

I'm having some trouble getting SpamAssassin not to use Razor.

In opt/MailScanner/etc/spam.assassin.prefs.conf

  score RAZOR_CHECK 0

My maillog is full of these lines which seem to indicate messages are
being looked up on Razor.

>Oct 17 12:14:46 mail MailScanner[6764]: Message 6177 from (dave at to
> is spam, SpamAssassin (score=8.516, required 5, CLICK_BELOW 0.10, FORGED_MUA_OUTLOOK 2.57,
>0.56, MIME_MISSING_BOUNDARY 1.84, RAZOR2_CF_RANGE_51_100 1.10, RAZOR2_CHECK 1.05)

My mailserver is keeping up, so I guess my fears were unwarranted, but
Im a bit confused why the check is still being done as I've been told
that setting a score to 0 disables that test.

Can anyone offer any insight?

Best regards,
Robert B, NTIN                           mailto:pages at

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