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>Has anyone got a script that analyzes /var/log/maillog and calculates
>Total email received
>Spam Tagged (%)
>Viruses Found (%)

I have a script that I use for monthly management statistics.

>Per a specified domain?

My script analyses the complete maillog in the current directory. If you
want to know statistics about a given domain you could first grep all
lines containing that domain.

I get:
|Bestanden van vorige maand in de huidige directory?
|OK, ik ga aan de slag
|Bepaal het echte aantal mailtjes:   11487
|Bepaal het aantal spam-achtige mailtjes:    4569
|Bepaal het aantal via ruleset's geblokkeerde mailtjes:     672
|Bepaal het aantal keren dat F-Prot is geupdate:       0
|Bepaal de laatste keer dat F-Prot is geupdate:
|Geef de top 5 (en meer) van gevonden virussen:
|    107 W32/Swen.A at mm
|     30 W32/Sobig.F at mm
|      5 W32/Mimail.A at mm
|      4 W32/Dumaru.A at mm
|      2 W32/Swen.B at mm
|      1 W32/Sobig.D at mm
|      1 W32/Klez.H at mm
|      1 W32/FunLove.4099
|      1 W32/Bugbear.B at mm

BTW, these are statistics for one system and today only.

I wrote this in a few spare minutes when I was writing the management
report. It takes a lot of time to run because I did nothing to optimize.
But when I start it when I begin writing the monthly report I can put in
the stats when I am ready with the rest of the report.

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