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Peter Peters P.G.M.Peters at
Fri Oct 17 07:54:52 IST 2003

On Thu, 16 Oct 2003 20:35:55 +0100, you wrote:

>On Thu, 2003-10-16 at 19:45, Julian Field wrote:
>> I just checked RFC2822 and a "." is quite legal in the name of a
>Thats what I thought from my reading of it too.  That said if certain
>MTA's/filters are rejecting headers containing dots maybe all user
>defined headers in MailScanner should be stripped of dots (or maybe even
>restricted to [\w-]+ ) when read in to ensure maximum compatability.  We
>might be in the right but its not worth the bad press (particularly when
>dealing with the fairly common attitude of 'Well if Symantec say so it
>must be true, they're a really big company'...)

I wondered whether I could try inserting dots in some header for some
persons. (I love MS for beeing able to do this on a such fine scale). We
are running Symantec/Norton AV on our exchange boxes. If I can produce
the same results I can use our connections with Symantec to have them
change their system.

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