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Fri Oct 17 07:35:26 IST 2003

On Thu, 16 Oct 2003 13:35:23 -0300, you wrote:

>> >Now, I appreciate this feature, since it permits IFRAMES and OBJECT CODEBASE
>> >ridden emails to be passed while mitigating the dangers of such.
>> >
>> >So, what I'm wondering is, can the "Allow ..." and "Convert" options be changed
>> >to allow a fine-grain level of control.
>> >
>> >Perhaps something like:
>> >Allow Object Codebase Tags = convert
>> >Allow IFrame Tags = convert
>> >Allow Form Tags = yes
>> You could use the same rulesets for the Allow-rules and the
>> Convert-rules but reversed. An address in the Allow-rule with a yes
>> would end up in the convert-rule with a no. You can even write a script
>> that converts the one rule-file tot the other whil replacing yes and no.
>Yes, but I'd prefer to not have to keep adding to the lists.

I use this as a kind of pressure not to subscribe to to many lists.

>I just foresee more items (e.g. javascript, webbugs, lazy html) being added as
>triggers to the "Convert Dangerous..." function, but only wanting some of the
>of the triggers active.

But if you convert html to plain text the whole purpose of html
newsletters is gone. I have talked with a couple of my complainers
because their lists had also ascii equivalents but they wanted the
"clean" html.

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