Help with RFC Format MS 4.25-5 : More

greyhair greyhair at GREYHAIR.NET
Thu Oct 16 16:39:26 IST 2003

Hi All, again.
  Ok i got sendmail to send a successful email thru
to my work address(that use symantec antivirus for
gateways) without mailscanner running.  I had to
manually move the queued files but anyway....
  It seems that Mailscanner is changing the emails
just enough so that symantec is saying that the RFC
Format is incorrect.
  I was using 4.22-5 (worked correctly) and just
upgraded to 4.23-11 then to 4.25-5 which have an
error, according to symantec.

Could I have changed a configuration setting to cause
this?  I also use mailwatch (which is having some sql
issues).  Should I go back to 4.22-5?

My server: 1800 AMD/ 768Mb ram/Redhat 7.3 (auto up2date)
Sendmail/ 6GB free space/...


Thanks again for any help.

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